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MetrawareOur talents and skills

The Metraware team is made up of engineers, most of whom very experienced, having, in addition to their own field of expertise (electronics design, routing, FPGA coding, real time software, web interface...) a good knowledge of related fields as well as a broad scientific culture allowing them to understand very quickly the problematic of our customers whatever their field of activity.

Major and constant efforts in training, attending conferences, readings of scientific publications, associated with the technicity of many of our achievements, contribute to the keeping of a high level of knowledge and know-how.

We like challenges!

Project management

Our team relies on a project management repository for the initiation, planning, execution, control and closure of the different phases of the project. The integration of the various project management processes promotes the management of deliverables, project management and continuous improvement in compliance with quality-, cost- and time constraints. Our extranet allows to follow in real time the progress of your current projects.

Our tools and means of implementation

Beyond the conventional means of an electronics laboratory, Metraware possesses inspection and control devices as well as measuring instruments, for both radiated and conducted electromagnetic compatibility.

Metraware has a software set for electronic and mechanical CAD and for digital simulation (SPICE, IBIS, 3D Multiphysics) as well as specialized tools (filter calculation ...) allowing a thorough validation of the design before the prototype realization.

For software development and their adjustment, Metraware has many compilers and development environments, debuggers, as well as bus and protocol analyzers.

Jérôme Monclard
General Manager, co-founder of Metraware.
Pierre Pardo
Computer scientist, co-founder of Metraware.
Anne-Sophie Meyer
Michel Merle
Electronic Department.
Thierry Cachat
Informatic Department.
Pierre Petit-Maire
Informatic Department.